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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> an intentional inferno. investigators say this fire that caused a million in damage was a case of arson. >> investigators have a big clue. this surveillance photo of a man who may be connected to the fire. there is now a $5,000 reward for information. >> drew smith is live in center city where investigators returned today. >> you can still smell the smoke on this block. the charred remains are here behind me and apartment buildings are heavily damaged.
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investigators believe that could lead them to a break in the case. the manager of the chancellor apartments cleared some of the rubble where dozens of people are still out of their homes. >> people could have gotten hurt or killed. >> anthony owns a hair salon in the building. we showed him this photo. >> that are is an excellent picture. >> this is a person of interest who was seen leaving the area before the fire erupted. >> nothing burns like that except something on purpose. >> he is not surprised investigators ruled it an arson after what firefighters told him tuesday. >> that fire was so hot it ruined the windows in our building across the street. >> they said it was a dangerous situation and they want whoever sparked it arrested. >> we are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for the public's
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help. >> skyler is thankful the heavily damaged units are on the other side from her home, but feels for her neighbor. >> the air conditioner fell off and pictures and appliances are destroyed. >> we asked the agent if he knew a motive for why someone would want to light the building on fire and he did not have an answer for us. nbc 10 news. >> new at 11, a grim discovery. a hunter stumbled upon human remains. they are trying to figure out who it is and how the remains got there. the remains were found with personal items and the items include a black freak baseball hat and red wind breaker with nyc guard differently parks and a green pack back with a black lg cell phone. you are asked to call the new jersey state police if you know anyone who was wearing those
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items. >> police are frustrated that assaults on a popular trail are being reported on social media and not to them. runners are being harassed and assaulted. the discussion took off after a woman said she watched a woman being attacked by a group of kids on bikes. other runners then commented that they experienced the same thing. tonight we spoke with a nonprofit that oversees the trail. >> help catch these folks. the way you do that is call 911 while it's happening. what they look like and what they are wearing. what the bikes look like and which direction they went so the police have a chance of catching them. >> police are incressing the presence on the trail. >> we are nearing the home stretch. we are nine days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia.
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tomorrow the daunting task of security takes center stage. jay johnson will be in philadelphia to review security efforts. pope francis is expected to attract crowds of well over a million people while he is in philadelphia. the secretary of homeland security will meet with the mayor as well as the head of the u.s. secret service. nbc 10 spoke with clancy today. he is a delaware county native and said a lone wolf or group attack is the biggest concern. >> to be sure we have enough personnel. we reached timeout to partners to ensure we have enough for all the screenings and enough people. war war with just over a week to go, they will start stealing manhole covers. here's a sign the event is growing near. a plethora of porta potties. we reached out to the
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archdiocese for exact numbers, but they are not sure how many will be in place. several months ago the arch bishop said the cost of the porta potties is $1.2 million. go to nbc 10 app for everything you need for the papal visit even if you are not going to the parkway. you will find road closures and changes. you will find the pope's schedule and a list of things you are not allowed to bring. >> a look at the direction in chile tonight for 11 people now dead from a powerful earthquake. we brought you the 8.3 magnitude tremor and the kathy toll could rise. the quake and tsunami advisories in california and hawaii. they have since been lifted. >> if you bring that, i will pay
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you $3,000. >> tonight hollywood in center city. two red carpet premiers for films with high profile actors and messages that resonate with the city of brotherly love. am i homeless? i'm homeless. you don't exist. >> that was part of the film starring richard gere. he didn't want to focus on the glitz and glamour, but raise awareness about homelessness. richard gere making an appearance with comcast executive david cohen. if for a private screening in a role like you have never seen him before and right on to the street as a homeless man trying to find his way on the gritty, often unforgiving streets. >> i don't exist!
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>> the biggest challenges is hoping no one recognized him on the streets of new york. >> in the 21 days it took to shoot the movie, we were only recognized twice. >> we can make it feel as real as possible. me being in the streets of new york. >> thank you forring this me. >> they discussed the problems with two local experts. >> i was invisible because of the character. people decide the decided i was a homeless guy and didn't look further. >> how did it make you feel empathizing with the homeless? >> it was confusing and profount. >> the human disconnect is such a devastating experience as well as the physical disconnect of what happens without a home.
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>> an epidemic brought to light with the goal of breaking down barriers, talking to each other and hopefully eradicating an all too pervasive problem right here at home and around the country. tonight hollywood was in center city and you can support the cause by visiting. nbc for a link and watch it september 25th. they hope everyone will be changed by this movie f. attitudes and perceptions of the people who live right on the streets where we walk every day. >> more than ten years in the making. very personal for him. >> he bought the street 15 years ago and has been passionate about the cause. he made it happen. >> an important issue. immersed in the streets of mork.
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they are hoping it changes minds and attitudes. >> if anyone can do it, he can. >> it has been ten years since the rookie season in the nfl. >> he made a much different debut. he has a starring in an independent feature film and he came to the kimmel center for the premier. >> the north star is based on the true story of two escaped slaves who made their way to bucks county. the writer and producer of the film is a doylestown native. >> i wanted to share history from my area. a lot of people didn't know until we were shooting the movie. >> he is a former eagles linebacker who spent 12 seasons in the nfl. >> the union representing teachers said it's time to end.
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they want the school commission to cancel the contract with the teachers. a meeting was held and the union said the substitute company is not providing adequate coverage for the classrooms. they issued statements said they are deeply disappointed for the theaters and teachers and the direct said the unacceptable performance continues and the work is in jeopardy. >> now to decision 2016 and dueling town halls in new hampshire featuring presidential front-runners. hillary clinton and republican donald trump. trump took questions at a meeting in rochester. >> one of the things i'm doing that really has gotten a lot of praise, i'm self funding. i'm not getting tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars. >> questions were raised about immigration, trump competitors and building the economy. hillary had her own opinion
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about the future of the nation. >> say this without meaning to be partisan or personal, but the economy does better when a democrat is in the white house. that is just a fact. >> clinton got applause in concord when she laid out her policies and answered questions from the audience. >> the corruption trial of new jersey senator bob menendez likely won't happen until the fall of next year. today a judge delayed the case to make room for expected appeals. menendez's trial is set for october 13th and he is accused of accepting gifts and bribes in exchange for political favors. they want the case dismissed and claim the grand jury was biased. partaking a drop. the cooler weather will move in. >> sports betting making millions. why has lawmakers taken action? >> opening tomorrow in philly.
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the special features not seen at any location.
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>> tabernacle road still closed after this trash truck fire exploded into flame for the athletic fields. the driver got out just in time. they forced the lockdown because gas cylinders exploded. >> the flame were shooting up.fb >> u could feel the heat? >> they look back at the window and see the heat or the fire going up. >> we had numerous explosions and we had to take a defensive operation. >> they are working to figure out if that sparked the fire in the compartment. >> new at 11:00, getting rate for the grand opening of the new center city store.
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the chicken dance. they said they are continuing the investment and has unique features including bar seating and digital signs and new products. the grand opening will feature the philadelphia orchestra and cheerleaders. with this football season comes a new craze. fantasy sports apps. >> the apps could be illegal and gambling before the accident perts say it could be dangerous. randy explains why. >> at the sports bar, most fans keep their eyes on the tv, but a growing number are looking down at their smart phones. >> you can play for $1 a game. fan assy baseball as the commercials are everywhere promising tissue play outs if
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your team wins. based in new york, they said this is not gambling, just a fun way to follow the team and make a few bucks. >> have you won money yet? >> how much? >> $200. >> do you consider it a form of gambling? >> it's great. that's the excitement part about it. >> one new jersey lawmaker sent this letter to congress asking for a hearing likening the apps to sports betting. and addiction therapists say they are worrisome. >> night my wife and i counted like six specials been an hour. >> they are treating pishts and said the apps can be foin for most, but addicts should be very, very careful. >> we start ignoring other aspects of your life. it can be a problem.
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it is really a game of skill just like chess, spelling bees and golf. the company claims to have pate out over a half billion dollars in prizes. >> the parent company invested in it. alityulantic city is placing bets on a business that doesn't involve gambling. they celebrated the opening of this new conference center. the 100,000 fire foot facility is touted at the largest equality between baston and baltimore. stopping puppy mills, they voted to approve one freeholder's
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rescue dog, norman. they panned animals from selling animals from puppy mills. the health department will inspect to determine where the pets came from that are for sale. >> a beautiful day and if you like today, you will like tomorrow. a great way to end out the week. all the way to start your week and if you like the summer temperatures, you will like saturday. a big cool down coming as we go into next week closer to where we should be for this time of year. we are at 62 degrees in allentown. 67 in atlantic city. all under clear skies. the humidity is still staying
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down. by tomorrow morning, 8:00, these were the temp fors. bust out forecast along with that if you are heading to work. 59 in pots and 61 degrees for doylestown. 65 in philadelphia and 62 in wilmington. cape may at around 68 degrees by 8:00 a.m. under sunny skies. that will continue and here's what the temperatures have been doing. today at 86 and similar to today. same saturday and look happens into sunday. cooling down into the upper 70s. the average high is 78 degrees. we will start getting the seasonal air to feel more like fall. high temperature keeping the pattern nice and dry. the cold front back to the west will give us the changes as we go into your weekend. we also have an air quality alert for friday for new jersey and delaware and pennsylvania.
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unhealthy ozone levels. if you are a sensitive individual or have asthma, avoid being outside because of this area of high pressure. that will be moving away soon. we will see the changes for the weekend. friday and saturday, more of a south wind. you will notice the humidity and cold front approaches and not bringing rain. you will notice the increase in cloud cover and see cooler breezy conditions in time for sunday and just in time for the eagles game. we are looking at 73 degrees. temperatures around the low 70s. we stay clear and comfortable and philadelphia 53 degrees. areas north and west. sunny and warm and mid 80s. pretty much just like today. saturday just like today also. sunday is the cool down and mid
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70s next week and fall starts wednesday. >> the witching hour is near and nbc 10 tonight, final preparations under way for behind the walls. the annual haunted house tomorrow with the 25 go ahead year. proseats for the year around museum and lots of scares. i have to get over there if i can stand it. you will not get in. we will explain and the quarterback appearing to the first game of the eagles and toibs rivalry. we will hear from them, coming up.
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>> pab just days away from the rivalry and for the quarterback, he could be the first eight of the matchup having played in the nfc west. the rivalry is cheering firsthand. >> i think i'm learning quickly that there is not a lot of love lost between the two sides. i think a couple of guys had choice words for dallas. they obviously thought this was a big game for both teams. >> how about this. they did a quick comparison. that's the play chart during the preseason. large on the right and monday
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night team knows the smaller charts. telly was asked why the difference. he handled it like only he can. >> did you want to keep the tv? >> they didn't want it to look like a 10y's mennee. i have that in a different spot. >> they work here. >> i did have the same chew places and you were looking at that. >> check out the game of the week and krm at 4:30, nbc cameras will be there. get the highlights at 11:00. for pope week, because of the pope, these city schools are
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playing on thursday. south philly, first and central and logon to nbc 10 and cast your vote for next friday. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. >> wesley snipes and chris cornell. >> look at those faces. >> here did the same with salma hayek. it's like a dream come true. >> the nice weather you feel like you are in heaven. in the shade and the afternoon. perfect weather tomorrow and
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ssz. it's going to feel like fall again next week. that's when it starts. it's going to feel like summer until sunday. football weather. >> have a great night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kaley cuoco-sweeting, wesley snipes, musical guest, chris cornell,


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